Mojito Tea Recipe

My husband LOVES peppermint tea. He drinks a couple cups a day. Normally we just use dried leaves but we decided to experiment with the fresh peppermint. And oh my goodness, am I ever glad that we did. We came up with a peppermint tea recipe that is sooo simple and delicious and healthy. It is a win win win.

Are you ready for it?

Boil water. Add fresh peppermint leaves. Enjoy!

Fresh peppermint tea is really that easy to make. And it is loaded with great health benefits. It can settle an upset stomach, aid in digestion, freshen breath, decongest and soothe the soul. It is 100% caffeine free and it smells amazing. But we are not stopping there.

This mojito tea recipe is a simple and refreshing variation of the classic fresh peppermint tea. Still incredibly simple, it’s flavours are more complex. Try it warm or iced. ENJOY!

Mojito Tea Recipe from Refining the Rugged


10+ fresh peppermint leaves

boiling water

large slice of lime

Agave nectar to taste


Pour boiling water onto peppermint leaves in cup of choice. Squeeze juice out of the lime and place in tea. Add agave nectar, or sweetener of choice, to taste. Enjoy!

If you want an iced version of the tea – brew fresh peppermint tea first, add sweetener and cool. Then pour into glass over ice. Add lime. Stir and enjoy.

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