Health Benefits of Tea: Why you should drink a cup today


Tea is my drink of choice. There is nothing better than a large cup of tea on a cold winter evening. A single cup can do wonders for your body and mind. Not to mention the long term health benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. Now I’m sure you already know that tea is an incredibly amazing, healthy, delicious beverage that everyone should be drinking. But do you know why?

I have briefly summarized the well-established health benefits of various tea types for you.

Health Benefits of Tea

There are four types of tea cultivated from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis. These are white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea. They are delicious by themselves but are often brewed in combination with other herbal ingredients. These flavourful fruits, leaves, flowers or roots from other plants are considered to be herbal teas.

A good tea recipe can be as simple as brewing pure tea leaves or as complicated as DIYing the perfect tea and herbal blend then adding fresh ingredients to finish the flavour profile. Some teas are blended to optimize their health benefits, like fighting a lingering cold. While others are blended so their flavours shine. Blends can be made at home or store bought. I personally prefer high quality store bought loose leaf blends because of their flavours and convenience.

Now I am by no means a tea connoisseur. I just truly enjoy the beverage.  Read more about the types of tea, herbal additives and cultivation on these two wonderful websites:

Next week I will share a simple recipe for a homemade lemon ginger tea – so subscribe below for updates. 

Disclaimer – While generally safe, herbal teas should not be consumed in large quantities without seeking the advice of a healthcare professional due to their medicinal properties.

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