Current Obsession: Full Moons

Moon titleI think full moons are marvellous, especially during these long winter nights. They stay so bright and beautiful through the darkness, providing an almost magical glow across the eerie mountainscape. And the moon seems so much bigger up north. Maybe this is just my eyes playing tricks on me but it always looks HUGE. 

Now it is hard to ignore the notion that full moons invite madness to our world. Think mischief, violence, werewolves etc. But I think these myths just make full moons more fascinating – almost magical. 

Today, I’ve featured a few items I found that showcase a full moon in all it’s glory. 


moon collage pic

All product images are courtesy of retailers as follows:

A – Customized Lunar Phase Necklace by gemagenta

B – Set of 6 Full Moon Notecards by Eville Eye Arts

C – Giant Moon Poster by the NATIONAL anthem

D – Unisex Grey Moon Shirt by Temple of Cairo

E – The Stars Duvet Cover by Urban Outfitters

F – Moon Surface Graphic Tee by Forever 21

G – Soft Side of the Moon Pillow by Mod Cloth


Let me know what you think about full moons – comment below. 

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