Current Obsession: Full Moons

Moon titleI think full moons are marvellous, especially during these long winter nights. They stay so bright and beautiful through the darkness, providing an almost magical glow across the eerie mountainscape. And the moon seems so much bigger up north. Maybe this is just my eyes playing tricks on me but it always looks HUGE. 

Now it is hard to ignore the notion that full moons invite madness to our world. Think mischief, violence, werewolves etc. But I think these myths just make full moons more fascinating – almost magical. 

Today, I’ve featured a few items I found that showcase a full moon in all it’s glory. 

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Review: Julep Maven Box – November 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.35.08 PMThis is my first time writing about Julep and oh boy am I ever excited!

Julep is a beauty company that I fell in love with as soon as I discovered them. I absolutely adore their nail polishes!

Julep has a beauty subscription service called the Julep Maven program, which delivers three high quality beauty products, treats and coupons each month by mail. Although you can buy their products direct online or via makeup stores, like Sephora, I will be focusing on their Maven program in my reviews.

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Health Benefits of Tea: Why you should drink a cup today


Tea is my drink of choice. There is nothing better than a large cup of tea on a cold winter evening. A single cup can do wonders for your body and mind. Not to mention the long term health benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. Now I’m sure you already know that tea is an incredibly amazing, healthy, delicious beverage that everyone should be drinking. But do you know why?

I have briefly summarized the well-established health benefits of various tea types for you.

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All Things Buffalo Plaid

buffalo plaid title

The classic red and black checkered buffalo plaid is a favourite of mine.  The pattern is bold, powerful and innately masculine. To me, it symbolizes the great, beautiful northern wilderness. Think vast mountain ranges, pine trees and bonfires at sunset. It is true lumberjack chic.

Fortunately for me, my husband looks amazing in it! So rugged and manly yet still stylish and on trend.  Together we own too many pieces of clothing in buffalo plaid – shirts, jackets, hats, pyjamas etc. We even have a buffalo plaid trapper hat for Clifford! But we can’t seem to get enough.

Here are a few items floating around the internet that we would love to add to our collection.

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