Tips for bathing a giant dog

Untitled design-1Clifford is our growing 15 month old long haired, muscular St. Bernard, weighing approximately 150 lbs (more soaking wet!). So bath time can be challenging for my husband and I. 

In the summer, it is easy to soak, soap and lather him outside with a hose and bucket. In fact, he LOVES chasing water from a hose. So it seems more like play time than bath time and is a relatively simple task. 

Bath time in the winter is a completely different beast. 

For us, outdoor bathing is out of the question from early fall to late spring because it can be painfully cold. So most of the year we must bathe him indoors. We don’t have a fancy dog tub or even a walk in shower – just a bath/shower combo in a tiny bathroom.  And sending him to a groomer’s is out of the question – the closest one is 3 hours away. 

Full disclosure – I am nowhere near an expert in dog grooming. These recommendations are based on our own trials and errors. If you have a large dog, you are well aware of how challenging bath time can be. Hopefully this post will help you!

So here is how we make our puppy bath time run smoothly:

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