I’m Dana Korten, an aspiring lifestyle blogger living in a teeny tiny community in the Yukon.

My husband, Joshua, is my better half and together we are raising our puppy Clifford, teaching ourselves how to cook, dabbling in DIY projects and mastering the fine art of the road trip.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, I had never lived without modern day conveniences close to home. Now, three hours from the nearest grocery store, I am attempting to maintain a comfortable, healthy lifestyle while living in the middle of nowhere.

My Blog:

Refining the Rugged documents my new life and adventures in the Yukon. An eclectic blend of northern living, recipes, love and dogs.  A collection of my thoughts and experiences with places/products/things you will love and, of course, plenty of stories and pictures of my St.Bernard, Clifford.

Things I adore:

My family, my dog, large mug of tea, the northern lights, romance, heated seats, lazy Sundays, mojitos, making lists, yellow gold, floral prints, mountains

Things I despise:

Mustard, bright lights, tight shirts, slow internet, loneliness, winter driving, autoimmune disease, mornings without tea


Thank you for visiting. Please read, comment, share and enjoy!

And feel free to drop me a line at 

Your northern novice,




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