Mojito Tea Recipe

My husband LOVES peppermint tea. He drinks a couple cups a day. Normally we just use dried leaves but we decided to experiment with the fresh peppermint. And oh my goodness, am I ever glad that we did. We came up with a peppermint tea recipe that is sooo simple and delicious and healthy. It is a win win win.

Are you ready for it?

Boil water. Add fresh peppermint leaves. Enjoy!

Fresh peppermint tea is really that easy to make. And it is loaded with great health benefits. It can settle an upset stomach, aid in digestion, freshen breath, decongest and soothe the soul. It is 100% caffeine free and it smells amazing. But we are not stopping there.

This mojito tea recipe is a simple and refreshing variation of the classic fresh peppermint tea. Still incredibly simple, it’s flavours are more complex. Try it warm or iced. ENJOY!

Mojito Tea Recipe from Refining the Rugged


10+ fresh peppermint leaves

boiling water

large slice of lime

Agave nectar to taste


Pour boiling water onto peppermint leaves in cup of choice. Squeeze juice out of the lime and place in tea. Add agave nectar, or sweetener of choice, to taste. Enjoy!

If you want an iced version of the tea – brew fresh peppermint tea first, add sweetener and cool. Then pour into glass over ice. Add lime. Stir and enjoy.

Yukon’s Amazing Landscapes

Untitled design-1Today I was getting a jumpstart on my new years resolution – to become more organized. So I took to my cluttered computer desktop and decided to sort and purge. After reluctantly deleting portfolios of wedding vendors (my wedding was 7 months ago!) and clearing my desktop from unneeded screenshots, documents and redundant folders, I felt a sense of accomplishment. And oh goodness, you wouldn’t believe the treasures I found! Josh and I have a ton of photos that I forgot we ever took.

So much of my afternoon was spent reliving the memories of years past, when we were vacationing in the north. And this lead me to realize that I have moved to one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful places on earth. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this virtually untouched northern wilderness as my backyard. 

The Yukon is my home now and it is kind of amazing. 

I have picked a few photos to share with you so you can see what I mean.


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Current Obsession: Full Moons

Moon titleI think full moons are marvellous, especially during these long winter nights. They stay so bright and beautiful through the darkness, providing an almost magical glow across the eerie mountainscape. And the moon seems so much bigger up north. Maybe this is just my eyes playing tricks on me but it always looks HUGE. 

Now it is hard to ignore the notion that full moons invite madness to our world. Think mischief, violence, werewolves etc. But I think these myths just make full moons more fascinating – almost magical. 

Today, I’ve featured a few items I found that showcase a full moon in all it’s glory. 

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Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe

lemonteaI love tea – you already know that.

But did you know that I also love lemons? I love the look, smell and taste of them. The only time you will catch me drinking water without a slice of lemon is if I’m dying of thirst or I’m being polite because someone poured me a glass. And,  as you may have guessed, lemons are a frequent addition to my cups of tea.

But anyhow…

This super simple, from scratch, Lemon Ginger Tea recipe is perfect to try this time of year.

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Living With Autoimmune Disease

Livng with Autoimmune Disease

If you are reading this, you probably know someone living with an autoimmune disease. I’m sure you’ve heard of the common ones – rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease or psoriasis. But what about the less talked about autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome or Addison’s disease? What impact do these diseases have on everyday life? While I will not dive into the complexities of specific autoimmune disease types in this post, I will discuss the basics of autoimmune disease and some lifestyle strategies I have used to deal with my own illness.

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Tips for bathing a giant dog

Untitled design-1Clifford is our growing 15 month old long haired, muscular St. Bernard, weighing approximately 150 lbs (more soaking wet!). So bath time can be challenging for my husband and I. 

In the summer, it is easy to soak, soap and lather him outside with a hose and bucket. In fact, he LOVES chasing water from a hose. So it seems more like play time than bath time and is a relatively simple task. 

Bath time in the winter is a completely different beast. 

For us, outdoor bathing is out of the question from early fall to late spring because it can be painfully cold. So most of the year we must bathe him indoors. We don’t have a fancy dog tub or even a walk in shower – just a bath/shower combo in a tiny bathroom.  And sending him to a groomer’s is out of the question – the closest one is 3 hours away. 

Full disclosure – I am nowhere near an expert in dog grooming. These recommendations are based on our own trials and errors. If you have a large dog, you are well aware of how challenging bath time can be. Hopefully this post will help you!

So here is how we make our puppy bath time run smoothly:

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Baked Tilapia with Cilantro Lime Rice

tilapiatitleI live 3 hours from the nearest grocery store. So needless to say, we eat a lot of frozen and packaged foods. And this is not a bad thing. Contrary to popular belief, freezer and pantry meals can be made to be very nutritious and delicious. And a lot of meals can be prepared quick and easy.

Most of my dinner recipes will address the challenges I face with the lack of fresh ingredients. Like what to do if you forget something at the store, how to adapt a recipe for substitute ingredients, how to plan a monthly grocery trip or how to prepare meals to be frozen. 

The following is a recipe for baked tilapia with cilantro lime rice and mango salsa. This is a recipe I make when I have recently gone to town for fresh produce, mainly because of the mangos. But feel free to omit the mango salsa and voila – a meal that can be made weeks after a grocery run with little prep and effort. 

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Review: Julep Maven Box – November 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.35.08 PMThis is my first time writing about Julep and oh boy am I ever excited!

Julep is a beauty company that I fell in love with as soon as I discovered them. I absolutely adore their nail polishes!

Julep has a beauty subscription service called the Julep Maven program, which delivers three high quality beauty products, treats and coupons each month by mail. Although you can buy their products direct online or via makeup stores, like Sephora, I will be focusing on their Maven program in my reviews.

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Health Benefits of Tea: Why you should drink a cup today


Tea is my drink of choice. There is nothing better than a large cup of tea on a cold winter evening. A single cup can do wonders for your body and mind. Not to mention the long term health benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. Now I’m sure you already know that tea is an incredibly amazing, healthy, delicious beverage that everyone should be drinking. But do you know why?

I have briefly summarized the well-established health benefits of various tea types for you.

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